Local Job Placement Assistance:

If you’re looking for a job, you’re in the right industry. No school in Northern Ohio offers local job placement…except the Toledo and Cleveland Bartending Schools. job placement has a success rate of over 90%.


Taking your Personality into Account:

Bartending is a profession that has a variety of atmospheres and environments. You can be the staple bartender at the neighborhood bar, kick it in the underground music venue, enjoy the ambiance of a classy wine or martini bar, or stay on your toes with the fast pace of the club everyone is talking about downtown.

People seek YOU out:

Local bars are constantly calling the school with new job openings. We don’t rely on this though; we’re constantly on the hunt for your ideal work environment, working our good relationships with bars and restaurants in the area.

You maybe elgible to pick up shifts right at the bar you’re training in.Gain valuable experience and get a reference.



Our placement director will meet with each student to offer advice and to review current job openings each week.
Our Bartending School has job placement services available in over 90 locations accross the United States.


Call or come down today! You’ll be earning before you know it.